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What is Generic Drugs?

Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs are those drugs which are marketed under a non-proprietary or approved name rather than a proprietary (Patent) or brand name. Generic drugs are equally effective and inexpensive compared to their branded counterparts. E.g.:- Crocin contain the molecule Paracetamol and market with the brand name of crocin while generic version also contain molecule Paracetamol and market with the name of paracetamol only.

What is mean by patent ?

It’s a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

Why Generic Drugs are cheaper?

Generic makers don’t face the same costs as manufacturers of brand-name drugs as they often invent the drug, a process that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The rationale behind drug patents: They give pharmaceutical companies a period of years when only they can make money on a product in which they have made a large investment. That investment also includes advertising. For a generic manufacturer, no such investment is required — not in development and not in marketing. The drug’s formula is known, the clinical trials are complete; the generic maker’s only requirement is to demonstrate to regulators that its version is as good and effective in humans as the original. That is an enormous economic advantage for these companies, which is why their drugs are much cheaper.

Why do brand-name drugs look different from their generic versions?

Government Patent Law do not allow a generic drug or medicine to look exactly like other drugs already on the market. Generic medicines and brand-name medicines share the same active ingredient, but other characteristics, such as colors and flavourings, that do not affect the performance, safety, or effectiveness of the generic medicine, may be different.

What is Ebazaar Generic Pharmacy?

EBAZAAR INDIA Generic Pharmacy a chain for generic pharmacy retail outlets across India established in 2017 with the aim to provide affordable and quality medicine to all and doing that have provided Happiness of Good Health for all. EBAZAAR INDIA Generic Pharmacy is a division of Zota healthcare Ltd. (established in 1995) offering Generic Pharmacy franchisee across India with the aim to provide affordable and quality medicine for all.


Where can I get more information about Generic medicine?

You consult to pharmacist, doctors or Ebazaar Product care department for more information.

If there is any side effect, what should I have to do? Can I return the medicine?

As Generic medicine are similar in safety and effectiveness. Our each products are “COA (Certificate of Authenticity) certified”. Regarding quality complain and concern you can contact to “Product care department” on +91 990 470 9558. If need, they will make you available the “COA certificate” also. And if still you are not satisfy, you can return those medicine to our respective store, from where you purchased and write to us at with the details to verify and take corrective action.

How do generic medicines benefit the patients?

By taking generic medicines, a patient can save upto 90% on your medicine expenses. As the medicines are available at an affordable price


What are the documents required to take up a ebazaar franchise?

Drug Licenese. Pan Card Aadhar Card What is the investment amount? Approximately 3.6 Lacs

What all other things are required?

A store space of 120 Sq ft. Pharmasist License

Is the stock returnable?

We have a 90 day return policy for the 1st stock billed, later it is only if damaged in transit or any other operational concern.

How much time does it take for a store to be operational?

If all documents are correct and we have DL and store in place we can open a store in max 45 days
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